Ultra-Mini Bluetooth 3.0 USB Dongle – Black + Golden

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The mini Bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle Bluetooth version 3.0 Dongle is 8X faster than 2.0. This Bluetooth 3.0 adapter dongle is very useful to convert the non Bluetooth devices PC into Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth Version 3.0 Dongle is 8X faster than 2.0. Via this useful Bluetooth 3.0 adapter, you can enable your computer the Bluetooth function and make your data transfer easily to any devices which has Bluetooth function. It is convenient to connect the Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, PDA or PC, for data transfer, networking, and dial-up, fax etc. wirelessly.

Nowadays Bluetooth is a necessity whether you’re at home or in the office. It is the simplest way to have all of your electronic gadgets communicate quickly and effectively. Adding Bluetooth to older model computers or upgrading your desktop to have Bluetooth enabled can be more costly. Why bother paying the extra money to have internal Bluetooth when all you need is this mini size dongle. Just plug it in and pair you device. Nothing can be easier, and it’s available to you at an incredible low price. It has Bluetooth 3.0 and is HS compliant, and will work well with you’re your devices. It is capable of voice talk as well as allowing you to quickly do your file transfers or sync your mobile phone to your computer. This is a must have product.

– Bluetooth specification 3.0 + HS compliant
– Interface: USB compliance
– Support Voice Data
– Transmission rate: 20m
– Convert non Bluetooth PC into Bluetooth enabled
– Wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices
– Comes with driver CD

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