Tablet Case with Keyboard 7 Element TAB-100

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Overview:Element TB-100 Keyboard Case for 7 inches for all tablets is a Universal keyboard for all 7 Inches tablet. It is a Leatherette is made of High-quality artificial leather and comes with 80 Keys standard USB Keyboard. It features a retractable Clamp for better grip on Tablet PC, Magnet flap closure, Flip out Stand at the back and Plug-n-Play. Callmate Keyboard Leather Case provides protection from scratches and bumps.

High-quality Artificial Leather
Keyboard Leather Case
Provides protection from scratches and bumps
Magnet flap closure, Flip Out Stand at the back
Compatible Devices
Designed for 7 inch Tablet PC
Weight (kgs)aprox: 322g
include: 2 x usb adaptors ( USB to 5pin and USB to micro)

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