SSD 7mm SATA III Apacer AS340 Panther 960GB (110153)


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SKU: AS340 Panther

Apacer AS340 is a class-leading, gaming-oriented solid state drive (SSD) offering your PC to operate at the fastest speed.
Designed in SATAIII 6.0 Gb/s interface, the drive can deliver outstanding performance up to 490 MB/s data transfer speed,
highly suitable to serve as operating system boot drive, storage media of important data, or perfect solution for budding gamers
on a budget. The mechanical design of AS340 conforms to the latest requirements of SATAIII 6.0 Gb/s interface. Hence, power
efficiency wise, AS340 supports SATA power management modes which greatly cut power consumptions to make it an
environmental and economical storage drive than traditional hard disk drives.



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