IP Camera Reolink Duo 2 WiFi 4K (360010)


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SKU: Duo 2 WiFi

4K WiFi Camera with Ultra-Wide AngleReady for Anywhere, Indoors & Outdoors IP66 Certified Weatherproof
Two Cameras in One
Upgraded from Duo WiFi, Duo 2 WiFi can stitch two views into one with no gap, realizing true two-camera combination and 180° panorama*.
Without overlapping part, it brings a smoother image with double field of view and leaves no blind spot.
Dual Lens 180° Panorama
Gorgeous World in 4K UHD
The entire world is recorded in crystal clear videos with 4K high resolution and an expanded perspective. Every little detail will be finely captured.
6 Infrared LEDs 8 Spotlights
Dual-Band WiFi-2T2R MIMO Antennas
Perform Great Even in Bad Weather IP66 Waterproof



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