IP Camera 4G Reolink GO PT Plus + Solar Panel (360016)


Διαθέσιμο στην κεντρική αποθήκη.Παραλαβή από το κατάστημα ή αποστολή στο χώρο σας, εντός 24άρων ωρών.

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No Power Connection No WiFi Go PT Plus Is Always Available with 4G Network
Reolink Go PT Plus supports 3G/4G LTE cellular network and 355° pan & 140° tilt. It also has a higher resolution of 2K 4MP
Super HD and more intelligent person/vehicle detection.* Needs a Nano SIM card and a cellular data plan before using.
Smart Detection: Less Is More
Two-Way Audio: Sounds Matter
Sees Clearer & Covers More With 2K 4MP resolution, the camera captures clear images and videos with great details.
it can also pan 355° and tilt 140° to cover larger monitoring area.Night Vision: It Sees in the DarkWith 6 IR LEDs
Battery or Solar-Powered Eco-Friendly & Cost-Saving rechargeable Battery
Solar Powered The camera can be connected to Reolink solar panel via a USB cable.
Time Lapse: Shorten Your Video With the time-lapse function
Storage Option(s)
Waterproof Design
Smart Real-Time Alert
Live View & Playback
Focus on What Matters Most
Control Your Cameras, Hands-Free



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