Gateway WISP Multi-WAN Gigabit Hotspot WIS-R7100 (290019)


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SKU: WIS-R7100

WIS-R7100 is a multi-LAN hotspot gateway which is ideal for Internet service provider or hotels / restaurant. It is full
featured with captive web portal authentication and PPPoE authentication, along with Wisnetworks unique powerful
user account management feature for bandwidth usage limit and time/date limit. The gateway supports up to 650,000
sessions and more than 1000 online users, using the 11-inch rack-mount design, built-in power supply. Integrating
Wisnetworks intelligent QoS and APP management feature,
WIS-R7100 helps you build a professional ISP level network easily and quickly, and provide you best Internet
experience for WISP, Hotel and other industries.



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