Enclosure 3,5 SATA USB 3.0 Logilink UA0107

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Overview:External aluminum case from LogiLink for installation and operation of 3.5 inch S-ATA hard drives. Standard size. Compatible with all notebook hard drives. Connection via PC or notebook via the fast USB 3.0 Super Speed interface. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is working with a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit/s. The connection is simple and the device is recognized by modern operating systems automatically


 External USB 3.0 HDD enclosure
Compatible with 3,5" SATA HDD
Max. Transfer rate: 5 Gbit/s
Downward compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1
High quality aluminium housing
Hot Swap / Plug & Play
No driver installation necessary
USB 3.0 cable and
12V/2A power adapter included
Package contents
1 x USB3.0 3.5" HDD Enclosure
1 x USB3.0 Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x External Power supply (12V, 2A)


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