Computer Case Inter-Tech A6 Superior-RTX (020053)


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SKU: A6 Superior-RTX

A6 Superior – the new RTX-Series from Inter-Tech
The graphic cards have their place in the top quartile and
the CPU in the lower. This means, that the heat will be blown out by the two
included 120mm fans in the top: an optimal cooling of your components.
Three blue illuminated 120mm fans, blue bright elements in the front panel and
the window kit in the side panel, let all gamer hearts beat higher. Equipped with a
fast USB 3.0 Port, you are able to transfer data with up to 5 Gbit/s.
Easy-Clip system for the 3.5“ and 5,25“ bays, an SSD adapter and the possibility
to move the cable to the ingenious cable management are just a few of the good
arguments that convince.



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