4G Router Tenda 4G07 (070105)


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Tenda 4G07 is a wireless gateway that integrates LTE and high-speed Ethernet uplink access, which provides users with
flexible and diversified data access . 4G07 offers a concurrent dual band data rate of as high as 1167 Mbps.
Wiring free broadband access wherever you are.
With LTE signal coverage for best performance and allows you to receive Internet access without cable and fiber,it is the ideal choice for remote areas such as rural and suburban,temporary store,holiday home,giving devices ability to access to the Internet wherever and whenever the user is located.
Fast 4G broadband for smoother experience.
The Tenda 4G07 delivers maximum speeds of LTE CAT4 150 Mbps,you can enjoy uninterrupted HD movies, rapid file downloads, and smooth video chats.
AC1200 Dual-band Wi-Fi ultra-fast network for more devices
Using powerful 802.11AC Wi-Fi technology,provide wireless speed up to 1200Mbps that enable connected devices could achieve ultra-fast experence,
it’s the ideal choice for lag-free HD streaming, online gaming and more.
Stronger and wider wifi signal.
Share your Wi-Fi up to 64 devices
Thanks to a powerful 1GHz and 28nm processor,it shares the Wi-Fi up to 64 devices base on dependable network.
Instantly access a mobile network with a SIM card
Access a mobile network instantly just with an authorized SIM card.



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